Information Media and Telecommunications

This image shows that there were 215,000 people employed in Information Media and Telecommunications as at November 2017, up 2.2% since November 2016 and 5.6% since November 2012. Employment is projected to fall by 3.3% over the five years to May 2022.
16% of jobs are regional (down 1 percentage point over 5 years).
41% of workers are female (up 1 percentage point over 5 years).
73% of workers hold post-school qualifications (up 5 percentage points over 5 years).
21% of jobs are part-time (up 1 percentage point over 5 years).
The median age is 38 years (up 1 year over 5 years).

Top 5 Occupations

Top 5 Occupations
Occupation This Industry All Industries
Journalists and Other Writers 16,000 27,100
Telecommunications Trades Workers 12,400 17,700
Film, Television, Radio and Stage Directors 9,200 13,300
Artistic Directors, Media Producers and Presenters 8,800 12,900
Telecommunications Engineering Professionals 8,400 10,700

Employment, Information Media and Telecommunications (‘000)

This line chart shows the number of people employed in the A Information Media and Telecommunications industry over the period from November 1997 to November 2017. The chart shows employment has been variable over this period. Employment increased until 2007 but has since fallen to 215,000 in November 2017.

Information Media and Telecommunications is a small employing, but diverse industry that includes businesses engaged in newspaper and Internet publishing, television and radio broadcasting, and telecommunications infrastructure and networks. Employment is concentrated in metropolitan areas, particularly Sydney and Melbourne.

The workforce is relatively skilled and post-school qualifications are often required. Around 44% of workers are Professionals, 16% are Clerical and Administrative Workers, 14% are Technicians and Trades Workers and 14% are Managers.

This industry is projected to have below average employment growth over the five years to May 2022 (up by 3.3%, compared with 7.8% across all industries).

Educational attainment, Information Media and Telecommunications (%)

Shows the educational attainment profile of the Information Media and Telecommunications industry's workforce.  Bachelor degree or higher 44%. Certificate III or higher VET qualification 24%. Other qualification 5%. No post-school qualification 27%.

Age profile, Information Media and Telecommunications (%)

Shows the age profile of the Information Media and Telecommunications. 12% aged 15 to 24 years. 27% aged 25 to 34 years. 26% aged 35 to 44 years. 21% aged 45 to 54 years. 14% aged 55 years or older.

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